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Small Business Phone System

With Infostructure's traditional phone system services, your lines become more dependable and affordable than ever. Whether your business has analog lines, PRI or T1, we have a proven solution to meet your needs. Infostructure provides most of the traditional TDM based phone services including analog POTS lines, PRI or T1 circuits, Long Distance services, Market Expansion lines and more!
infoPOTS Voice Lines
Take incoming calls and make outgoing calls confidently and reliably!
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infoPRI & T1 Circuits
Connects your PBX phone system to our network for your voice and faxing needs!
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infoLD Long Distance
Offering both Switched and Dedicated long distance to meet your exact needs!
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Virtual Phone Systems That Grow with Your Business

When Victoria moved her small business into an office complex, she reviewed various phone systems. After our consultation, she chose to start with infoPOTS as her first phone system. This phone system stands for the Plan Old Telephone Service (POTS) which uses the traditional analog line. Depending on your requirements, this provides a very reliable phone system for small business.

As she grew her business to 20 employees, her phone system required ten lines. One line was dedicated for incoming calls, one for fax, and eight inbound lines were set to hunt. Hunting rotates the incoming calls in a circular sequential fashion among the 8 lines. When businesses called in, if the first line was busy, it would be sequentially rolled to the next available line. When the line was available the call would route directly to the attendant. After the attendant spoke with the caller, the attendant usually transferred the call to the appropriate person.

In this phone system, there wasn’t a way for businesses to call a specific employee directly. Each employee had an extension, but not a direct number to accept calls. Within the first year the attendant became overloaded with incoming calls as new hires were added.

During the following year, Victoria reviewed features that were available from the various phone systems; she chose to upgrade her phone system to a hosted PBX. This is cloud based, so it doesn’t require an investment in equipment as earlier PBX solutions did.

She upgraded to our infoPRI. Our Primary Rate Interface (PRI) line is a form of ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) line which is a telecommunication standard that enables traditional lines to carry voice, video traffic, data, and more. This provided her with 24 channels instead of 10. One channel remains reserved for call signaling. It provides the routing and Caller ID information. The other 23 lines carry the voice and provide incoming paths through the phone system. Another benefit with this phone system was outbound calls can be made faster than with analog lines. This allowed her sales people to contact more prospects during the day, ultimately expanding her bottom line.

With the upgraded phone system, Victoria’s business could expand her phone system easily to 100 numbers to accommodate the new hires. 23 lines were available for concurrent calls. This phone system allowed businesses to call a specific department or employee directly. Employees could provide clients direct numbers. Direct numbers were printed on their cards. The volume call transfers diminished allowing the attendant to be available for other tasks.

You’ll find at InfoStructure, we provide various phone systems for small business. As your business grows, we continue to provide the solutions to accommodate your phone system requirements.