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InfoStructure Traditional Voice for Businesses

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InfoStructure has been providing telephone
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Small business phone system options

Traditional Small Business Phone System Details

infoPOTS Voice Lines

Our first small business phone system is an infoPOTS voice lines, commonly referred to POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) analog lines. You can take incoming calls and make outgoing calls confidently and reliably. There are many available features that can be added, and many have no additional charges!

Available Features:
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Custom Ringing
  • Three-way Calling
  • Hunting
  • Voice Messaging
  • Long Distance Calling (additional charges apply)
infoPRI & T1 Circuits

infoPRI & T1 voice circuits are a scalable, affordable solution for your small business phone system needs! infoPRI connects your PBX phone system to our network supporting digital connectivity for your voice and faxing needs! Each PRI provides 24 channels - 23 to carry voice and 1 channel reserved for call signalling (such as Caller ID and routing information).

Available Features:
  • Caller ID
  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Numbers
  • Rapid Call Setup
  • Long Distance Calling (additional charges apply)
infoLD Long Distance

infoLD offers reliable long distance services at competitive rates! InfoStructure offers both switched and dedicated long distance to meet your exact needs. Whether you are dialing domestically or international, we have your covered!

Available Features:
  • Metered per minute rates that are very competitive
  • Unlimited usage plans available
  • Account Codes
  • Customizable Reporting for your usage
Not sure which plan is right for you? You can easily submit you a quote request here. For assistance on this service - just call us at 541.773.5000 or send us an email here and we will be happy to help!

Law Firm Discovers New Ease In Client Billings

During the year, John’s law firm serves about a hundred clients. Each attorney within the firm, bills for their time. Every minute on the phone with a client is billable time. When choosing a solution among the small business phone systems, John needed a way to make billing easier to track. With InfoStructure’s small business phone solution, John was able to request 100 account codes for their system, with one account code assigned for each client. When each attorney called their client, they simply punched in the client’s account code; this tracked the client’s billing automatically.

The small business phone system allows for customized reporting. Within moments all phone activity was tracked for billing purposes. The law firm could easily apply an administration fee per client’s bill. The new setup saved time and allowed greater accuracy in tracking each attorney’s client activity.

Consulting Firm Gains Greater Control Over Phone Fees

Steve owned a consulting firm with a few staff members. On occasion, he hired contractors to supplement his team. During one of his projects while hiring several contractors, he had experienced high long distance fees that were unaccounted for.

When he looked for phone systems he needed a solution to track consulting activity and also wanted to maintain security on who was authorized to make long distance calls. InfoStructure’s small business phone solution offered the right phone solution.

Account codes were assigned for each client. Every time long distance phone calls were placed the phone system required a valid account code. By requiring a valid account code this kept the long distance phone service secure. Without a valid account code, long distance phone calls couldn’t be placed, thus long distance fees were manageable. In addition, all phone activity was linked to each client for billing purposes. The customized reporting allowed Steve to quickly tally client bills as well as account for all phone activity.

Other side benefits Steve encountered were lower phone fees overall, as well as additional phone features like three-way calling and caller ID.

Find out how InfoStructure customizes phone systems to suit your business’ phone needs. Call InfoStructure at 541.773.5000 today!