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Top 10 Predictions for 2011

2011 will be an exciting year for the telecom industry, which will make strides in innovation and productivity, driven mainly by IP cloud-based services and wireless network enhancements. However, not all will be peaches and cream, as the industry will continue to experience change. Below are our top ten predictions:

1.      Thanks to the iPhone, its growing app’s, and, above all, the deployment of 4G networks, mobile will grab most of the industry headlines.

2.      In the wake of Craig McCaw stepping down as its chairman of Clearwire, the company’s performance will disappoint its investors throughout the year.

3.      Different variations of what we know as Unified Communications (UC) will achieve mass market adoption, along with other new IP based services. Increased productivity resulting lower costs and greater efficiencies will continue to drive the success of UC.

4.      Free VoIP offered by Skype and Google will gain greater consumer market share while value-added, business VoIP will be sold at a premium with excellent ROI.

5.      Broadsoft’s stock will decline by 50% from its 52 week high before it will climb again to new highs.

6.      Competitive pressures will force customer service standards to improve across all telecom sectors; people are fed up with inadequate automated solutions, broken processes, and unintelligible foreign accents.

7.      The FCC will obsess about net neutrality as its main focus and anything else will be a distant second.

8.      The Qwest and CenturyLink merger will encounter network integration issues resulting in service delivery problems to its business customers.

9.      In IPTV adoption, China will surpass Europe as world market leader.

10.    InfoStructure will experience its greatest growth year in its 17 year history.

Happy New Year!