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Windows XP Dial-Up Setup

1. First click Start and Control panel, in the control panel window open Internet Options


2. Click the tab that reads Connections and click the Setup button


3. Click Next on the first screen


4. Leave the radio selection on Connect to the Internet and click next


5. Select the second option that says Setup my connection manually and click next


6. Leave the radio selection on Connect using a dial-up modem and click next


7. Enter a name for the connection, this can be anything, we called it InfoStructure and click next


8. Enter the phone number you got from our support department, if you do not have the local number for your area please call support, click next


9. Enter your full email address and password, confirm the password and click next


10. If you want a shortcut to the connection on your desktop click the check box then click finish


Outlook Email Setup

This is how to setup Outlook 2007, the 2010 version is just about the same. Earlier versions actually looked more like outlook express in the setup.

1. Open Outlook and you should be greated by a welome screen click next


2. Leave the radio selection set to YES and click next


3. Enter your name, email address, and password then click the check at the bottom to Manually configure the server settings click next


4. Leave the radio selection to Internet E-Mail and click next


5. Select the account type as IMAP (POP if you want to store mail on your local computer) and enter the mail server information
Mail servers are mail.DOMAIN for example:
If your email address is then your mail servers would be
Enter your email address for the username and your password

Click the MORE SETTINGS button before contiuing


6. In MORE SETTINGS click the tab for Outgoing Server and then check the box at the top for My outgoing server requires authentication. Once done click OK at the bottom then continue


7. You should be done and can click finish