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OSX Dial-up Setup

1. First click on the Apple and choose system preferences


2. Find and click on the Network icon, click the PLUS + in the lower left


3. Select your modem – in the example we are setting up a bluetooth dial-up modem


4. Enter the phone number, if you need the local number for your area please call our support department.
Also enter your email address and password then apply the settings


Mac Mail Support

Setting up Mac mail for the first time and how to access the mail settings after setup.

1. Open Mac Mail – if you have never opened Mac Mail before you will be greated with a setup screen.
a. Note that if you already have settings and need to change them click Mail, Preferences, Accounts

Enter your name, email address, and password then click Continue


2. Next you will be asked for the mail server information.
Mail servers are mail.DOMAIN for example:
If your email address is your mail servers will be

Most users setup their accounts as IMAP, if you want the mail program to store the mail on your computer you can choose POP.
Enter the Description, mail server, username (your email address), and password then click Continue.


3. Incoming mail security is the next screen, leave the box for Secure Socket Layer unchecked and Authentication should be set to password then click continue


4. Outgoing mail is the next screen, the outgoing mail server is the same name as the incoming mail server you entered in step 2
Also check the box for Use Authentication and enter your email address and password then click continue


5. Security for outgoing mail should be set the same as step 3, leave the SSL box unchecked and choose Password for authentication and click continue


6. Account summary will show everything you entered and you also need to click the Take account online check box then click create


If you already have an account setup and need to verify your mail settings they can be access by clicking on Mail at the top and Preferences. Once in the preferences window click Accounts