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Introducing Jill Tojino

We would like to introduce you to Jill Tojino! She joined InfoStructure as our Accountant in February 2018 and is handling accounts payable/receivable and collections.

Jill enjoys all aspects of her job and appreciates the challenge of identifying variances in balances and then investigating it to make the pieces fit with the use of her analytical skills to help present data in a logical manner.

Jill is a perfect fit for the InfoStructure team. She loves that everyone is a team player. She finds the upper management team very approachable and personable, and this seems to have spread throughout the company, which makes InfoStructure a great place to work. She enjoys the relaxed, yet hardworking culture at the company and really appreciates how the entire company puts customers first. She is hoping to get involved with larger and more detailed projects to further challenge and flex her skills.

While Jill is originally from the Philippines, she spent several years in Australia. She pursued and received her Bachelor of Accounting at a university there and moved to the United States in 2017. She had a busy year! Jill and her husband, an operating room nurse, got married that same year in December.

Jill and her husband love the beauty of Oregon. You won’t find them cooped up inside too often and you’ll find them attending music festivals, concerts and sports events. They have a passion for traveling and find themselves going overseas almost every year. They already have their next trip planned: Mexico! We’re thrilled to have Jill on our team.

Introducing Ashley Roaseau Kruk

We’d like to introduce you to Ashley Roaseau Kruk. Ashley is the Billing and Audit Specialist for InfoStructure. She joined the team in March 2018 and believes InfoStructure is a unique company. She likes how we have a “hand’s on” approach to our customers and feels that InfoStructure truly values each individual customer. Ashley has seen first-hand how all staff members are dedicated to elevating the customer experience. She appreciates the transparency of the company and how the goal is to always help our customers understand their services. In the same spirit of how we care for our customers, Ashley feels that we care for our staff. A happy staff makes for happy customers, which in turn contributes to the overall success of our company.

Ashley graduated with her master’s degree in Public Policy from Mills College in Oakland, California. She moved to Southern Oregon with her husband, who is currently employed as a Granite Fabricator. Before joining InfoStructure, she worked as a staff accountant for a small CPA firm in Medford.

In her spare time, you’ll find Ashley and her husband enjoying the great outdoors that Southern Oregon is known for. She is still getting used to the heat, so you’ll often find her at the river or lake. She also enjoys hiking Table Rock and exploring different trails in the area.

From Copper to VoIP

One of the best things about technology it is constantly evolving. Sometimes there is resistance when these advancements happen, especially when it alters a piece that is integral to society. One of those significant technologies is the landline telephone. The general consumer might not think about it much, as the transition of landline to cell phone is already a reality. In the office environment, however, copper cabled landlines are still very common.

While some have already transitioned to VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, this transition is now happening on a mass scale. VoIP has proven that it is a more effective way to use voice communication in business as it replaces landlines with a seamless connection to your office computers, or the wireless network.

Part of this change is because there are limits to the use of landlines, and some unique benefits to using VoIP, some of which include:

• “Find-Me-Follow-me” routing – for mobile workers, the call gets forwarded to wherever you are before going to voicemail.
• Conferencing – not a new concept, but easy and streamlined with VoIP

Some might argue that landlines offer more consistency and quality, and while that may have been true in the beginning stages of VoIP, it is no longer the case. VoIP technology has also evolved, and has proven that it matches landline in its ability to provide clear and consistent communication. At InfoStructure, we can help you make this transition now so that you’re ahead of the curve!

Are Passwords On Their Way Out?

Passwords may soon be a thing of the past.

Recently, two internet standards organizations — the FIDO Alliance and W3C — created a new specification which allows web browsers and websites to support biometric encryption methods instead of passwords. The specification, WebAuthn, is an API that can be integrated on to websites, allowing fingerprint readers and face scanners to verify your identity.

If this sounds like technology from a sci-fi movie, it’s not. It’s happening now.

Firefox already works with the WebAuthn technology, while Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are preparing to add support for WebAuthn in the next few months.

So what does this mean?

This technology could potentially create a more secure Internet. Hacks, scams and data breaches have shown that passwords aren’t enough to safeguard data.

However, passwords aren’t obsolete yet.

WebAuthn isn’t standard right now, but it creates a path for alternatives to passwords.

InfoStructure knows how important data is to every business. Whether you’re a corner coffee shop or a hospital, you have data to protect. In a time where data breaches are happening more often, you want to work with a partner like InfoStructure, who knows the best practices of voice and data services.

Let’s Stay Connected

In a digital world, personal connection seems like a lost art.

At InfoStructure, we don’t believe that in the slightest.

We believe in the power of connection, because all of our products are designed to increase connectivity and efficiency in your business. Our goal is to connect the community, help your business thrive, and to grow with your organization.

To achieve that, our team provides individualized voice and data solutions. Every business is different, and we make sure the products we offer are personalized to meet the needs of your business.

Our team doesn’t want your voice and data services to cause any anxiety. When you connect with InfoStructure, you will have peace of mind knowing these services are taken care of.

Whatever your business needs, we offer multiple voice and data options. So let’s make a time to connect and discuss our services with you in more detail.

3 Reasons To Move Business Operations To The Cloud

Everyone talks about “the Cloud.” Each year, businesses realize the numerous advantages of Cloud computing, and decide to use some type of Cloud service.

Has your business migrated any of its operations to the Cloud? If not, here are three benefits of Cloud computing that could have you considering the move.

  1. Saving money
    Cloud services reduce, or eliminate, the need for expensive equipment used to operate large data centers. Businesses can save on hardware, utilities and other expenses associated with traditional computing by moving operations to the Cloud.

  2. Employee mobility
    When you use Cloud services, it allows your employees to work from anywhere. This is a valuable resource at a time when employees desire flexibility in their schedules. When your business operates on the Cloud, employees have the ability to work from home, on the go, or from desktop computers, laptops and tablets.

  3. Disaster recovery
    Emergencies happen. A man-made or natural disaster could damage equipment, shut off the power or cause data loss. Hosting systems or storing documents on the Cloud are a safeguard in case of an emergency.

    However, you need to be cautious when storing information on the Cloud. Because Cloud services are affordable and easy to use, it’s imperative that you have security and backup measures in place to protect your data.

    We live in age of data. It’s an integral part of our businesses and personal lives. With so many ever-changing options in voice and data services, we hope you’ll reach out to InfoStructure to answer any questions.

Does Your Technology Take A Vacation?

There’s nothing like summer on the West Coast. Green grass, blue skies and outdoor adventures galore. The kids are celebrating the start of vacation, but you are still hard at work. While summer is the season for vacations and trips, your voice and data solutions are working 24/7 to keep your business running efficiently.

Even when you clock out for the night, your phone and Internet keep working. These two operations are fundamental parts of your business. You can’t afford for them to be slow, or go down completely, no matter what time of year it is.

Whether summer is a busy or slow season for your business, you need to have reliable voice and data solutions. A missed opportunity due to unreliable services is simply unacceptable. At InfoStructure, we believe your voice and data services must be on point 24/7/365.

Our team doesn’t want you to worry about voice and data services. We take that burden away from you, so you can focus on running your business.

Whatever your business needs, we offer multiple options and we are happy to discuss our services with you in more detail.

Update On The Net Neutrality Debate

Last December, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decided to overturn rules which prevented broadband providers such as Verizon and Comcast from blocking web content in exchange for additional fees. However, last month there was a significant success for those in favor of Net Neutrality.

In May, the Senate voted to save Net Neutrality rules that ensure unobstructed internet access. The Senate passed a resolution in a 52-47 vote to overturn the FCC decision to dismantle Net Neutrality rules. This was a major moment for proponents of Net Neutrality, but it’s only the beginning of a long journey. The fate of the resolution remains unknown as it heads to the House for another vote.

Net Neutrality remains a heated topic. While some believe repealing Net Neutrality will encourage competition and benefit consumers, others are worried it undermines and threatens the foundation of the Internet.

It will be important to watch what happens next with Net Neutrality and how it may affect internet usage for individuals and businesses. Whatever happens, you can trust that Infostructure will stay net neutral and allow our customers access to all content and applications regardless of the source.

3 Ways High Speed Internet Benefits Your Business

Your business relies on a fast Internet connection for maximum efficiency. You send emails, contact prospects, do research and store data in the Cloud. Sometimes you almost forget about how important your Internet connection is, until that dark day when it goes down. Everything grinds to a halt, including employee productivity.

According to a recent poll in the U.K., businesses lose 38 hours of productivity per employee every year due to slow Internet.

Conversely, a fast, interruption-free Internet connection relieves business stress and streamlines workflow. Below are a few ways a reliable Internet connection helps your business.

Faster Download Speed
Time is a valuable asset to business owners and employees. When you have faster download speeds, you won’t waste time waiting for pages and files to load.

Moving To The Cloud
If your business data is on a hard drive, you can only access it on one device. And if anything happens to that hard drive, you could lose your data forever. To avoid a potential data loss, move business processes to the Cloud. Your data will be backed up, and employees can access information from multiple devices.

Better Customer Service
If a customer has a question, you don’t want to keep them waiting. If your turnaround time is slow due to an unreliable Internet connection, this could result in a negative customer experience. High speed Internet helps you do everything faster, including communicating with customers.

Don’t waste another second stressing over slow Internet. Reach out to InfoStructure to find a high speed Internet option which suits your business’ needs.

Spring Cleaning Your Business Tech

Spring is a beautiful time in Southern Oregon. We’re eager to spend more time outside, enjoying the sunshine, warm weather and outdoor activities.

Even though we want to be out of the office during spring, there’s still work to be done. But while you’re at the office, it’s important to have voice and data services which you can depend on. Because the more efficiently things run at the office, the more time you could spend outdoors this spring.

We also associate spring cleaning with this time of year, and that extends to the voice and data industry. If you haven’t taken stock of your current services in a while, now is the time to do so. Review what services you have, as well as your future needs and wants. This spring, you could get the voice and data service you’ve always dreamt of, and the InfoStructure team will help.

Our team doesn’t want you to worry about your voice and data solutions. Whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter, we stay current about the trends in our industry, and how they could affect your business. We take that burden away from you, so you can focus on running your business.

Whatever your business needs, we offer an array of options, and we are happy to discuss our services with you in more detail.