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Top 10 Predictions for 2012

2012 It’s a new year and exciting opportunities abound for all of us. Despite some ominous claims to the contrary, we envision 2012 to be lots of sunshine and blue sky! Yes, there will be the on-going challenges of a less-than-stellar economy and the typical jitters of a presidential election year, but overall, we see our cup as half full, and it’s with a cautiously positive outlook that we make our top 10 predictions for 2012.

  1. By year end, Amazon will be a major force in the smart phone industry.
  2. The New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49ers will play in the 2012 Superbowl, and the 49ers will win.
  3. After a long retreat, gold and silver prices will soar to new highs.
  4. Facebook will have one billion users by year end.
  5. Gigabit wireless (802.11ac) will begin to replace Ethernet.
  6. The debt crisis of Europe will slow down the economic recovery of the US.
  7. In the laptop world, Intel’s Ultrabook will exceed Apple’s MacBook Air in popularity and sales.
  8. Mobile applications will continue to surge.
  9. Apple will release the iPhone 5 and despite a sluggish economy and a saturating smart phone market, the new iPhone will have enough new features to make it exceed all expectations in sales.
  10. InfoStructure will be setting new highs in business VoIP growth in consecutive quarters throughout the year.


Season of Gratitude

During this magical time of year, we have the opportunity to reflect upon all that is good and count the many blessings with which we’ve been bestowed. It’s a time for an opening of the heart and being grateful for the gift of life exactly as it has been given to us. Through that opening, we exit this year and enter the next one renewed.

We at InfoStructure would like to express our deepest gratitude to our customers, fellow employees, and partners, and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a blessed new year!

Webinars Made Easy

WebinarAdvancements in technology often come with a price, including a long learning curve in user adoption. Such is not the case with InfoConnect – a new web conferencing platform designed for quick set-up and ease of use, and it’s loaded with the most advanced features!

Smart mobile phones with full browsers and built-in cameras, social networks, IPTV, video compression, webcam innovation, and high speed Internet networks have all contributed to a new world of visual web communication, serving both business and consumer interests. It’s no surprise then that visual web applications continue to outperform traditional modes of communication, like voice and print, especially for collaborative, group purposes.

Web conferencing is part of this trend. The audio conference bridge of yesteryear is being outpaced by webinar technology which, not many years ago, required an IT employee to operate. But things have changed. With the latest webinar platform advancements, like those of InfoConnect, just about anyone can easily set-up and conduct a webinar like a pro! And with the economies of scale created in hosted webinar solutions, prices have remained very affordable.

Whether you need to address your sales team in weekly meetings or launch a new product with your customers, InfoConnect web conferencing can handle both your basic and sophisticated requirements. Below is the InfoConnect toolkit that will make your webinars a success:

  • Video – launch up to 12 webcams instantly
  • Adobe Flash platform – no downloads required to operate
  • Record live meetings
  • Conduct PowerPoint presentations with annotation tools
  • Desktop screen sharing with remote control
  • Share files between users
  • Whiteboard presentations
  • Play streaming video or audio clips
  • Chat and other feedback tools
  • Personalize meeting with images, logos and contact information

For pricing information on InfoConnect, call us now at 800-419-4804. 

InfoStructure Joins Forces with Extreme Makeover

Medford, Oregon – September 20, 2011 – InfoStructure, a telecom solutions provider based in Talent, Oregon, joined other local and national companies to sponsor an event hosted by Extreme Makeover: Home Edition that forever changed the lives of an Oregon family with autistic children.

For several years, C.J. and Lindsay McPhail supported children with medical disabilities in their community through Southern Oregon Sparrow Clubs, a regional chapter which C.J. helped to start. It was during his tenure with Sparrow Clubs that the McPhails learned that two of their own children had autism. Their home, which sits on a large wooded property, presented challenges for proper treatment of their children’s condition. Being an old structure, it lacked the appropriate heating, wiring, plumbing and ventilation to accommodate their unique needs. Enter Extreme Makeover: Home Edition – a TV show that engages the community and helps a family that needs a new home. On September 7th, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition announced the McPhail family as the new recipient of a complete overhaul of their Medford home.

When managing partners of InfoStructure, Scott Hansen and Jeff Rhoden, learned of the news, becoming a sponsor of the makeover event was especially meaningful because both are friends of the McPhails. According to Scott, “I’ve known C.J and Lindsay for years. They’re great people and very deserving of this wonderful event provided by Home Extreme Makeover Edition. Knowing the kinds of people CJ and Lindsay are, they will use this house to pour their hearts into many children with special needs in our community for years to come.”

While the McPhail family enjoyed a vacation at the new Aulani Disney Resort & Spa in Hawaii, the Extreme Makeoever design team, along with community volunteers, worked diligently to complete the entire renovation in a week. This marked the show’s 200th home makeover.

InfoStructure continues to emerge as a successful growth company in the IP cloud space, leveraging the power of the Internet to provide a wide range of voice and data services that it hosts within its IP network. In business since 1994, the company serves small and medium businesses with both traditional communications services, as well as its expanding suite of IP services. InfoStructure has steadily grown its workforce and customer base since its inception, and it currently serves over 5,000 customers primarily in the Pacific Northwest. For more information on InfoStructure, see
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, the Emmy award-winning reality program now entering its ninth season, is produced by Endemol USA, a division of Endemol Holding. It’s executive-produced by Brady Connell and George Verschoor. David Goldberg is Chairman, Endemol North America. The show airs Sundays from 8 to 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

High Definition (HD) Voice

While iPhone app’s are stealing telecom headlines, another revolution is stirring in an ancient phenomenon – human voice. With the new VoIP codecs, significant telephony improvements in audio are being made, and hearing is believing!

With the rapid transition of traditional phone service to VoIP, enabled by the tremendous flexibility of IP technology, new applications are emerging to create a richer user experience. IDC research shows that “the end user experience in current implementations of VoIP can be improved in a manner that is simple yet clearly demonstrates the value and superiority of IP-based communications.” (IDC: “Can You Hear What I Mean? Polycom Delivers HD Voice”, Stofa, 2006). With most of the hype surrounding mobile data applications, texting and social networking, voice is still regarded as the most important communications vehicle for conducting mission critical business, as well as the first choice in addressing the most important personal matters.

Decades ago, FM radio trumped the clarity, depth and range of sound transmitted by AM radio. Its “higher fidelity” was the result, in part, of its greater bandwidth component. A similar evolution in voice quality is being made in VoIP communications. Phone line quality, standardized by the old Bell Telephone system, which was measured in Hertz (Hz), was designed for voice in a low frequency band at around 3,000 Hz or 3 KHz. This “narrow band” frequency remained the standard for more than half a century. While voice quality saw some improvements in the 80’s and 90’s with digital switching and the deployment of fiber optics in carrier networks, the difference in quality was slight, and it was mainly in voice amplification and ambient noise reduction.

Today, a “wide band” IP technology is emerging, which is known as high definition (HD) voice. With HD voice, a carrier network device called a codec samples the sound stream 8,000 times per second and more than doubles the width of the sound spectrum reproduced – up to 7KHz, which adds significant depth and range to the audio – a much broader difference over standard phone line voice than just loudness, like FM is to AM. Phone line audio becomes as clear as face-to-face conversation.

You can hear the difference through a simulation on our HD voice web page and separately clicking on both buttons for “Standard Voice” and “Polycom HD Voice.” In order for you to achieve this level of quality in your office phone communications, you must have VoIP service with an HD voice application built into the carrier network, like our InfoTalk Pro product (most VoIP providers still don’t offer HD voice). In addition, you will need HD-enabled IP phones, like the Polycom SoundPoint series. These phones, we believe, are the best in business VoIP technology and are affordably priced. And the best news is HD voice is available through InfoStructure at no extra cost.

InfoStructure Sharpens its Focus Upon Business Solutions

Talent, Oregon – July 21, 2011 – Last month, we announced Ashland Home Net’s acquisition of our Ashland residential Internet customers served from the Ashland Fiber Network. This came as a surprise to some, since InfoStructure had its origin in Ashland as an ISP (Internet Service Provider) 17 years ago and had been known as such ever since. The fact is we have been evolving from our ISP-only model since 2003 and are now a certified telecom carrier offering a wide range of services throughout Oregon and nearby states. We’d like to share with you a brief company history and our vision going forward.

InfoStructure had been thriving as an Ashland ISP since 1994 for nearly a decade when Prime Time Ventures, owned by Jeff Rhoden, Scott Hansen and Chad Cota – three Ashland natives, acquired the company and kept the InfoStructure name. Jeff and Scott, still managing partners today, already had eight years of telecom experience operating GCW Communications Consultants in Oregon. The vision for the newly acquired InfoStructure was first to become a certified telecom carrier with a broad range of voice and data services mainly for small and medium businesses throughout Southern Oregon, which came to fruition from 2005 to 2009. While we still served thousands of residential customers, our focus continued to be largely on commercial accounts.

The second stage of the vision was to seize the burgeoning opportunity in business VoIP technology. So around two years ago, we began investing in our IP network and turning up businesses on VoIP phone lines, known as SIP trunks, with a new nationwide footprint. Last year, additional investments were made both in VoIP networking and hiring new employees to support our growth. We began the first stage of developing a leading-edge, hosted VoIP PBX platform with a partner company in Las Vegas, which we see as the greatest opportunity for us and, moreover, the greatest value for our business customers over the next decade. We also hired a seasoned marketing executive, Jeff Marlow, and account management executive, Chris Wick, with over 40 years of combined telecom experience.

This year, our development initiatives in our hosted VoIP PBX platform continue and we’re already successfully deploying services to business customers. Just recently, we also hired three new highly talented and experienced employees with extensive telecom experience:

Trisha White – Customer Service Manager with five years of telecom customer management experience with Shared Communications/ATG. Trisha has an excellent track record in customer service and knows the industry well.
Teri Woods – Account Manager with fifteen years of telecom sales experience with Charter, Voice-Tel and Shared Communications/ATG. Terry is an expert in customer base development and growth.
Kitty Whitt – Comptroller with four years of telecom regulatory experience with Telecom Professionals, Inc. in Oklahoma and Rio Networks in Roseburg, Oregon. Kitty is very savvy in legal and tax compliance.

These are exciting times for our business and our industry and we’re honored to serve you as a business customer!

InfoStructure Transfers Residential Fiber Customers to Ashland Home Net

Ashland, Oregon – June 24, 2011 – InfoStructure, a telecommunications provider based in Talent, Oregon, announced the acquisition of its residential fiber Internet customer base in Ashland by cable TV provider Ashland Home Net.

InfoStructure, originally founded in Ashland in 1994 and currently operated by managing partners, Jeff Rhoden and Scott Hansen, has greatly expanded its regional service reach through its carrier partner network. In recent years, the company has become more focused on business VoIP and data solutions and the transfer of their Ashland residential Internet customers represents another step in that direction.

According to Jeff Rhoden, “This move is beneficial for all – the customers, Ashland Home Net and InfoStructure. The customers will be better served because they will have a provider located right in Ashland that can offer a better selection of residential services, including cable TV. Internet service will not be affected in any way because it will remain on the Ashland Fiber Network. The customers can even keep the email addresses that they currently have. In addition, this move will give Ashland Home Net a broader base of local customers, and it allows InfoStructure to better focus on our strong suit – serving small to medium sized businesses.”

Jim Teece, President & CEO of Ashland Home Net, agrees. “We’re excited about this acquisition; it’s a natural fit with our residential cable TV and Internet model. The transition should be seamless and transparent for everyone because the customers will remain on the same network, and most importantly, we believe that our new customers will be very pleased with the service packages that we can offer them.”

The transfer will be effective on July 1st.

Ashland Home Net is the largest ISP in Ashland, exclusively offering Ashland Fiber Network services to Ashland residents. Ashland Home Net offers Cable TV and Internet Phone services as well as AFN’s high-speed Internet. Conveniently located next to Safeway, Ashland Home Net also provides local technical support and computer repair.

InfoStructure continues to emerge as a successful growth company in the IP cloud space, leveraging the power of the Internet to provide a wide range of voice and data services that it hosts within its IP network. In business since 1994, the company serves small and medium sized businesses with both traditional communications services, as well as its expanding suite of IP services. InfoStructure has consistently grown its workforce and its customer base since its inception, and it currently serves over 5,000 customers primarily in the Pacific Northwest.

InfoStructure Becomes a Preferred Voice Services Provider to Lithia Motors

Southern Oregon telecom provider serves one of America’s largest auto retailers.

Medford, Oregon, June 15, 2011 – InfoStructure, a telecommunications solutions provider based in Talent, Oregon, announced its customer relationship with Lithia Motors (NYSE stock symbol – LAD), one of America’s largest automotive retailers with stores throughout the Western and Midwest United States. In ten Lithia store locations, InfoStructure now is a preferred provider of voice communications services designed for multi-location businesses.

According to Kyra Drennan, Vice President of Computer Services at Lithia’s corporate headquarters in Medford, Oregon, “We have InfoStructure communications serving ten stores in Nevada and California, and overall we are quite pleased with their service, as well as their customer support.”

InfoStructure offers a broad suite of voice and data solutions, ranging from hosted VoIP – a PBX replacement alternative provided as managed service, along with other cloud-based services, as well as traditional local phone, long distance and Internet broadband. Through the reach of its partner network, the company can readily turn up customers with multiple sites just about anywhere in the country. Jeff Rhoden, Managing Partner of InfoStructure, states, “We’re proud to have a widely acclaimed, multi-location company like Lithia Motors as an enterprise customer and be able to meet the rigorous communication demands of their type of business.”

The current corporate locations of both Lithia Motors and InfoStructure exist within seven miles of each other in Southern Oregon and in relatively close proximity to the park space in downtown Medford where Lithia plans to construct a 65,000 square foot headquarters building. Lithia is committed to supporting the local community and aligning with local business when it can.

Lithia Motors is a publicly traded company (NYSE stock symbol – LAD). Founded as a Chrysler-Plymouth-Dodge dealership in Ashland, Oregon in 1946, the company has grown throughout several states to become one of America’s largest automotive retailers featuring most domestic and import franchises. Lithia’s continued success has been the result of its focus on providing the customer with “an honest and simpler buying and service experience.” For more information on Lithia Motors, see

InfoStructure continues to emerge as a successful growth company in the IP cloud space, leveraging the power of the Internet to provide a wide range of voice and data services that it hosts within its IP network. In business since 1994, the company serves small and medium businesses with both traditional communications services, as well as its expanding suite of IP services. InfoStructure has consistently grown its workforce, its customer base, and its bottom line since its inception, and it currently serves over 5,000 customers primarily in the Pacific Northwest.

Virtual Office

Virtual OfficeFor the sake of convenience, cutting costs, or accomplishing out-of-office tasks, many employees today work from remote locations, including their homes, airports, coffee shops, other offices or just about anywhere their work takes them where they can stay connected. The challenge of these “virtual offices” is having a level of communication that is as accessible, flexible and productive as that of an office environment with in-house systems optimized for business communications. An answer to this challenge has been emerging for a decade and is just beginning to reach critical mass – hosted VoIP.

Hosted VoIP has many names, like hosted PBX, IP telephony, managed VoIP, and others that all point to the same thing – unified voice and data applications that are accessible through the Internet. Because these applications are “hosted” (I.e. they reside on a carrier’s servers), and not maintained at a particular business office, they can be accessed from anywhere on the planet…sort of like mobile phone ap’s but without all the downloading and with greater business efficiency than a mobile phone. These applications range from advanced PBX features to local and long distance calling, web conferencing, speech-to-text messaging, video, point-and-click calling, Internet faxing and much more.

The versatility of hosted VoIP platforms enables carriers to integrate new ap’s without you having to purchase additional systems, hardware or software. And because the platforms are scalable, you can add, delete and modify phone extensions or calling features on the fly. Your office phone number follows you around, whether you use an IP phone or soft client (a phone function manipulated from your PC screen, along with a headset). In other words, all of your outbound calls carry your name and/or office number, providing continuity in identification, and your inbound calls are received on the same number. And through a web interface, you have the ability to manage all of your communications. In fact, you have all of the exact same communication features that you would enjoy from your office on the same platform; nothing is sacrificed in your virtual office. You just can’t accomplish these things with a typical phone system… a virtual phone system is a must!

Above all, hosted VoIP is an economical alternative. When you consider the huge capital cost, maintenance costs, and peripheral equipment expenses required with in-office phone systems, along with monthly phone line and long distance costs, hosted VoIP will usually save your business a bundle. Most providers offer hosted VoIP as a managed service billed monthly.

For more information on hosted VoIP, visit our web page on InfoTalk Pro – an innovative hosted VoIP solution from InfoStructure.

InfoStructure Launches Business VoIP Application – InfoTalk Pro

Southern Oregon telecom carrier provides small and medium businesses
with a “big corporation” solution for the desktop.

Medford, OR, April 19, 2011 – InfoStructure, a telecom solutions provider based in Talent, Oregon, announced the release of its latest product – InfoTalk Pro, an all-in-one voice and data solution which integrates the PC and IP phone and provides a rich array of PBX features on a platform that is scalable, mobile, user friendly and cost effective.

InfoTalk Pro elevates the communications capabilities of small and medium business to new levels. Through a unique browser interface, a user can simply point-and-click to accomplish several call management functions that don’t exist on traditional phone systems, making business communications easier, quicker and more efficient. As a managed service, InfoTalk Pro also eliminates the need for an on-premise phone system and reduces associated costs because all of its functions are “hosted” on application servers within InfoStructure’s IP network.

According to Scott Hansen, Managing Partner of InfoStructure, “InfoTalk Pro was modeled primarily after leading commercial IP systems that are affordable mainly to large companies. We incorporated the best features of those systems, uniquely integrated them into our platform, and now offer them as a service to small and medium businesses. Essentially, InfoTalk Pro eliminates the complexity, the capital expenditure, the on-going maintenance and repair costs, and many functional limitations associated with customer owned phone systems and related services. “

InfoTalk Pro is available in three different plans with both fixed and usage-based monthly pricing per phone station. If a company has varying communication needs per employee or department, all three plans may be selected within one account for single or multi-location applications.

InfoStructure continues to emerge as a successful growth company in the IP cloud space, leveraging the power of the Internet to provide a wide range of voice and data services that it hosts within its IP network. In business since 1994, the company serves small and medium businesses with both traditional communications services, as well as its expanding suite of IP services. InfoStructure has consistently grown its workforce, its customer base, and its bottom line since its inception, and it currently serves over 5,000 customers primarily in the Pacific Northwest.

For more information on InfoTalk Pro, see our website at business-voip.html.
InfoStructure represents a new generation of telecommunications providers harnessing the power of the Internet and providing network services for small and medium businesses in the Western US. In business since 1994, the company started as an ISP providing Internet access in southern Oregon, and by 2003, it transitioned into voice services as a CLEC (competitive local exchange carrier) and began offering traditional business and residential phone services. By 2007, InfoStructure implemented a fully redundant IP network and began offering business VoIP. Today the company offers a wide range of IP voice and data services, as well as traditional telephone and Internet services. For more information, visit