From Copper to VoIP

One of the best things about technology it is constantly evolving. Sometimes there is resistance when these advancements happen, especially when it alters a piece that is integral to society. One of those significant technologies is the landline telephone. The general consumer might not think about it much, as the transition of landline to cell phone is already a reality. In the office environment, however, copper cabled landlines are still very common.

While some have already transitioned to VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, this transition is now happening on a mass scale. VoIP has proven that it is a more effective way to use voice communication in business as it replaces landlines with a seamless connection to your office computers, or the wireless network.

Part of this change is because there are limits to the use of landlines, and some unique benefits to using VoIP, some of which include:

• “Find-Me-Follow-me” routing – for mobile workers, the call gets forwarded to wherever you are before going to voicemail.
• Conferencing – not a new concept, but easy and streamlined with VoIP

Some might argue that landlines offer more consistency and quality, and while that may have been true in the beginning stages of VoIP, it is no longer the case. VoIP technology has also evolved, and has proven that it matches landline in its ability to provide clear and consistent communication. At InfoStructure, we can help you make this transition now so that you’re ahead of the curve!