The Next Chapter for Facebook and Data Privacy

After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook is trying to move forward. The data breach involved the information of more than 80 million Facebook users being improperly shared with a political consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica. But after the scandal, news stories and testifying before Congress, Facebook is looking to the future.

First, Mark Zuckerberg has announced a new tool which gives Facebook users more control over data and privacy. The tool, Clear History, will allow people to delete stored information about other websites they visit. This will be similar to deleting cookies from your browser.

Moving forward, Facebook has also announced more new apps and tools, at least some of which will probably collect user data. As these new technologies arise, privacy and data risks similar to the Cambridge Analytica data breach are still out there. As Facebook tries to move past Cambridge Analytica, they will have to focus on mitigating future privacy issues.

However, individual users must also be vigilant. It’s important to be aware of what, how and where you share information online.

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