Technology Is Reaching Into Space

It seems there is no limit to where technology can reach. And while space is known as the final frontier, for technology, it’s simply the next step.

There has been a lot of news surrounding technology lately, such as rolling back Net Neutrality rules and the Facebook Cambridge Analytica data breach. But amidst some of the negative stories, there is a light. And it’s shining toward the moon.

Vodafone is collaborating with Nokia to launch a 4G network on the moon. Along with a group of Berlin-based scientists, the goal is to test and establish the first parts of a dedicated communications network on the moon. This will help push us beyond the boundaries of Earth and develop infrastructures beyond our own planet.

One of the first steps is for Nokia to build equipment that is capable of surviving in space. It must be sturdy, compact and light.

This partnership could change the landscape of mobile network infrastructure. It will be exciting to watch the progress of this project and see where the innovation of our industry can take us.