Is Privacy Changing In The Digital Age?

The story surrounding Facebook and the Cambridge Analytica data breach has been all over the news recently. It has put a spotlight on how our most private data and information is being shared. We know what we put out for the public to view, but how is data concerning our age, our likes, dislikes and other demographics being handled?

This conversation started because Cambridge Analytica, a political analysis company based in the U.K., was discovered to have improperly accessed the data of Facebook users who downloaded the app “This Is Your Digital Life.” According to Facebook, 87 million people were believed to have been impacted by the improper sharing of data.

Since the Cambridge Analytica scandal has come to light, Facebook has released tools to help you learn if your data was shared without your knowledge. There was either an alert in your News Feed, or you can check through Facebook’s Help Center.

Millions of people use Facebook for personal or business applications. While the long term effects of the Cambridge Analytica data breach have yet to be seen, it has brought the issue of privacy to the forefront of people’s minds. People are now more aware of what, where and how they share their information online.