High Speed Internet Connects Your Business

How many times have you sat at your desk, turned on your computer, clicked the internet icon and waited for the page to load? You take a sip of coffee as you wait. A few seconds pass. Then 30 seconds. Then a minute. The page remains blank while that annoying loading circle endlessly revolves.

Sound familiar? If so, then you’re being held hostage by a slow, unreliable internet connection and lack of bandwidth.

High speed internet and increased bandwidth are crucial to a business’ regular operations. Even daily tasks, such as sending and receiving email, are requiring more bandwidth. Today, most emails contain at least one photo or logo, which uses more bandwidth. It’s the same with videos, which are becoming more prevalent. Trying to stream music or instructional videos, all while answering emails with photos attached, will eat up your available bandwidth in a heartbeat.

Fortunately, InfoStructure has options which allow you to get more bandwidth and reliable service from your internet. We have several choices for your business, including:

● Ethernet Over Copper
● Fiber Optics
● Ashland Fiber Network

And more!

The internet has evolved since its inception, but at its foundation, has always been about connection. High speed internet is an important part of your daily operations, and an unreliable internet connection is detrimental to your business.

Our team is happy to speak with you about each of our high speed internet options, and see which one will work best with your current needs and future goals.