The TLS and SRTP Combination

Firewalls offer the ability to encrypt SIP protocol signaling by changing the transport from UDP/TCP to TLS (Transport Layer Security). Some also includes support for SRTP (Secure Real-time Transport Protocol). SRTP provides a high level of security for live data with advanced encryption, confidentiality, message authentication and replay protection.

Together, this powerful SRTP-TLS combination protects media from being overheard by unauthorized persons, providing an extremely high level of security for live data. Using TLS and SRTP to encrypt signaling and media traversing the Internet effectively stops eavesdroppers, hackers and spoofers. The firewalls decrypts the signaling and media and deliver them “in the clear” to devices on the Local Area Network (LAN), or pass the encrypted packets on to the server or phone fully encrypted all the way to the user. This flexibility permits the network administrator to tailor the use of encryption to the needs of the organization and the capabilities of the other SIP equipment in the network. The integrity of the call is much stronger than ever possible on PSTN. Used in conjunction with Ingate’s full SIP proxy technology, Ingate’s TLS-SRTP combination delivers maximum protection for enterprises using SIP communications.