InfoStructure Sharpens its Focus Upon Business Solutions

Talent, Oregon – July 21, 2011 – Last month, we announced Ashland Home Net’s acquisition of our Ashland residential Internet customers served from the Ashland Fiber Network. This came as a surprise to some, since InfoStructure had its origin in Ashland as an ISP (Internet Service Provider) 17 years ago and had been known as such ever since. The fact is we have been evolving from our ISP-only model since 2003 and are now a certified telecom carrier offering a wide range of services throughout Oregon and nearby states. We’d like to share with you a brief company history and our vision going forward.

InfoStructure had been thriving as an Ashland ISP since 1994 for nearly a decade when Prime Time Ventures, owned by Jeff Rhoden, Scott Hansen and Chad Cota – three Ashland natives, acquired the company and kept the InfoStructure name. Jeff and Scott, still managing partners today, already had eight years of telecom experience operating GCW Communications Consultants in Oregon. The vision for the newly acquired InfoStructure was first to become a certified telecom carrier with a broad range of voice and data services mainly for small and medium businesses throughout Southern Oregon, which came to fruition from 2005 to 2009. While we still served thousands of residential customers, our focus continued to be largely on commercial accounts.

The second stage of the vision was to seize the burgeoning opportunity in business VoIP technology. So around two years ago, we began investing in our IP network and turning up businesses on VoIP phone lines, known as SIP trunks, with a new nationwide footprint. Last year, additional investments were made both in VoIP networking and hiring new employees to support our growth. We began the first stage of developing a leading-edge, hosted VoIP PBX platform with a partner company in Las Vegas, which we see as the greatest opportunity for us and, moreover, the greatest value for our business customers over the next decade. We also hired a seasoned marketing executive, Jeff Marlow, and account management executive, Chris Wick, with over 40 years of combined telecom experience.

This year, our development initiatives in our hosted VoIP PBX platform continue and we’re already successfully deploying services to business customers. Just recently, we also hired three new highly talented and experienced employees with extensive telecom experience:

Trisha White – Customer Service Manager with five years of telecom customer management experience with Shared Communications/ATG. Trisha has an excellent track record in customer service and knows the industry well.
Teri Woods – Account Manager with fifteen years of telecom sales experience with Charter, Voice-Tel and Shared Communications/ATG. Terry is an expert in customer base development and growth.
Kitty Whitt – Comptroller with four years of telecom regulatory experience with Telecom Professionals, Inc. in Oklahoma and Rio Networks in Roseburg, Oregon. Kitty is very savvy in legal and tax compliance.

These are exciting times for our business and our industry and we’re honored to serve you as a business customer!