InfoStructure Launches Business VoIP Application – InfoTalk Pro

Southern Oregon telecom carrier provides small and medium businesses
with a “big corporation” solution for the desktop.

Medford, OR, April 19, 2011 – InfoStructure, a telecom solutions provider based in Talent, Oregon, announced the release of its latest product – InfoTalk Pro, an all-in-one voice and data solution which integrates the PC and IP phone and provides a rich array of PBX features on a platform that is scalable, mobile, user friendly and cost effective.

InfoTalk Pro elevates the communications capabilities of small and medium business to new levels. Through a unique browser interface, a user can simply point-and-click to accomplish several call management functions that don’t exist on traditional phone systems, making business communications easier, quicker and more efficient. As a managed service, InfoTalk Pro also eliminates the need for an on-premise phone system and reduces associated costs because all of its functions are “hosted” on application servers within InfoStructure’s IP network.

According to Scott Hansen, Managing Partner of InfoStructure, “InfoTalk Pro was modeled primarily after leading commercial IP systems that are affordable mainly to large companies. We incorporated the best features of those systems, uniquely integrated them into our platform, and now offer them as a service to small and medium businesses. Essentially, InfoTalk Pro eliminates the complexity, the capital expenditure, the on-going maintenance and repair costs, and many functional limitations associated with customer owned phone systems and related services. “

InfoTalk Pro is available in three different plans with both fixed and usage-based monthly pricing per phone station. If a company has varying communication needs per employee or department, all three plans may be selected within one account for single or multi-location applications.

InfoStructure continues to emerge as a successful growth company in the IP cloud space, leveraging the power of the Internet to provide a wide range of voice and data services that it hosts within its IP network. In business since 1994, the company serves small and medium businesses with both traditional communications services, as well as its expanding suite of IP services. InfoStructure has consistently grown its workforce, its customer base, and its bottom line since its inception, and it currently serves over 5,000 customers primarily in the Pacific Northwest.

For more information on InfoTalk Pro, see our website at business-voip.html.
InfoStructure represents a new generation of telecommunications providers harnessing the power of the Internet and providing network services for small and medium businesses in the Western US. In business since 1994, the company started as an ISP providing Internet access in southern Oregon, and by 2003, it transitioned into voice services as a CLEC (competitive local exchange carrier) and began offering traditional business and residential phone services. By 2007, InfoStructure implemented a fully redundant IP network and began offering business VoIP. Today the company offers a wide range of IP voice and data services, as well as traditional telephone and Internet services. For more information, visit