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Hosted PBX
Traditional Voice Services
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InfoStructure Hosted PBX

An Evolutionary Leap in Customized Office Phone Systems
Significantly reduce your up-front
expenditure - there is no need to purchase
an expensive phone system.

Hosted PBX Phone Systems – An Explanation

Hosted PBX features ease of use, lower costs, and elimination of costly PBX maintenance – this is the promise of infoPBX, a Cloud based platform designed for medium and small business phone systems. infoPBX integrates your desktop phone with your computer and provides you with a wide range of voice applications, and because these applications are hosted in the cloud, there is no need for you to purchase a system, cards, server or software. The applications are bundled in three different price plans and offered as a managed service that is billed monthly.

Hosted PBX Phone System Pricing

Our plans are bundled in three different price plans and offered as a managed service that is billed monthly. All of our infoPBX plans are available in high definition (HD) voice – a technology that makes standard landline audio twice as clear.
infoPBX Flex
Designed for more
phones than lines!
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infoPBX Local
Designed for more
local calling!
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infoPBX National
Designed for
unlimited calling!
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PBX Phone Equipment

The Best Business Media Phone Equipment
Infostructure offers various models of IP handsets and sidecars to meet your business needs. Each model has been tested extensively to utilize Infostructure's infoPBX Hosted platform. Each phone comes preconfigured and ready for use! Click on the "View Equipment" button below to see more information on each model Infostructure offers.

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