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InfoStructure Ashland Fiber Networks (AFN)

A Great Value
and Low Cost for
Small Business
Our Ashland Fiber Service is a great option
for small business.

Ashland Fiber Network

Ashland Fiber Network (AFN) is the city owned robust broadband service providing our community with superior connectivity, friendly small town customer service, and expert local technical support. Connecting up to AFN benefits the community. Revenues generated by AFN remain in our community and help support our local economy. AFN’s services equal or surpass those available in major metropolitan areas. AFN’s fiber network spans the community, making it simple for prospective residents and businesses to connect. With approximately 6,000 customers across its product lines, AFN has a reputation for superior service, quick installations, and responding to the needs of both our residential and businesses customers.

Ashland Fiber Network Plans

Our plans are bundled in six different price plans and are offered as a managed service that is billed monthly. If you are not sure exactly which plan is right for you please feel free to contact us here.
infoAFN Standard
Our infoAFN Standard plan features
a 60 Mbps x 5 Mbps speed.
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infoAFN Streaming
Our infoAFN Streaming plan features
a 120 Mbps x 8 Mbps speed.
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infoAFN Small Business
Our infoAFN Small Business plan features
a 180 Mbps x 11 Mbps speed.
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infoAFN Enterprise
Our infoAFN Enterprise plan features
a 220 Mbps x 26 Mbps speed.
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*Ashland Fiber Network is available in Ashland Oregon only.