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Hosted PBX
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The Infostructure Team

Joanna Bilbrey
Victoria Koski
Lead Provisioner
Will Neal
Director of Voice Services
Michael Wu
Master of Technical Wizardry
Ian Gordon
Agent Channel Manager/Sales Engineer
Jonah Richey
Customer Service Manager
David Seely
Network Engineer
Gary Hogenson
Levi Doty
Senior Data Aggregation Specialist
Chris Harris
Director of Data Services
Scott Hansen
Master Decisionator
Jeff Works
Chief Financial Officer
Jeff Rhoden
Director of Direction
Nicole Richey
Chief Operating Officer
Jessi Ramirez
Senior Director of HR & Finance
Dominick Zuber
Technical Support Agent
Josiah Miller
Technical Support Agent
Cody Apted
Support Technician/Inventory Controller
Jill Tojino
Ashley Kruk
Billing and Audit Specialist
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